Elevating Standards

Addis Homes is a Property Development Company with the sole purpose of working on projects that are made to last. Built upon a strong financial foundation, Addis Homes is highly regarded throughout the South Coast area for our unwavering commitment to quality. Get in touch today to find out more about our company.

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How we work

for success

AHG are eager to work with talented Land Agents and grow a long-term partnership. This is demonstrated in the fees which AHG will pay; a 2% intro fee on Completion and a 5% share in the AHG profits of the site. AHG are looking to acquire sites approved with planning or subject to planning on a conditional or unconditional basis, the company can look at sites from two-eighty Units at a time.

Helping you to achieve the best price for your land or property

  • AHG take a long term view
  • AHG do not flip (sell) sites on
  • In house construction saves costs and allows the group to pay more for land

Planning Specialists

  • AHG go the extra mile
  • In house knowledge and technical expertise

Why Should You Take the Risk?

  • AHG cover all the costs
  • AHG work with the very best architects and town planners